But where are the melting clocks?


This is likely to be a short post, as it has been a fairly uneventful (if absolutely beautiful — I suspect Rome in spring is a

The artist's take on the Pieta . . .

foretaste of the beatific vision) week. For most Roman universities, Easter break is two weeks — Holy Week and Easter week. For many profs, then, the end of this coming week is a popular deadline for papers and projects — no shortage of work right now. After we return from Easter, we will begin to talk about scheduling final exams (gasp!), so it really is amazing how quickly the semester is flying by.

My great language challenge this week was trying to explain (in Italian) to a poor soul who showed up an hour late for Mass that western Europe “sprang forward” this morning!

However, I did make some time on Saturday morning to be a tourist. It turns out that there is a museum or two in the Piazza Venezia, home

From the tomb of Philip and James -- praying figure

of the famous wedding cake. They are currently hosting a fine exhibit on the artist Salvador Dalí, which was enjoyable. My only regret was that the exhibit did not feature his famous Christ of Saint John of the Cross or his even more famous The Persistence of Memory (the melting clocks mentioned above).

After the Dalí exhibit, I walked a block or two to visit the Basilica of the Twelve Holy Apostles (Michelangelo’s parish church), which proved to be quite a jewel. In addition to visiting the tomb of the Apostles Philip and James, I spent a little time in the Bessarion Chapel — the frescoes are just glorious.

The angels in the Bessarion chapel . . .


Perfect Lenten Friday lunch -- fresh bread, tomatoes, cheese -- if only I had some olive oil . . .


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